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Health & Medical tips in Lima, Peru


Issues of health can be addressed in Peru that may not be available elsewhere. And, there are dental and medical treatments and procedures that are at much lower cost.

Benefits of fresh foods -
Terrific foods are available in a fresh state, which might only be available elsewhere in a processed form or not at all. For example, there are dozens of fresh produce items available in local markets, many of which you will not see outside of Peru due to their rapid deterioration or to customs laws. These foods are so flavorful when fresh from the source, as well as their health benefits, which is the best way to build the immune system and fight disease like cancer and others.

Parkinson's- Interestingly, at this time in Lima, it is being reported that good results are being realized with the use of adult stem cells in an operation to help those with Parkinson's.

Basic Health Preparations

Before traveling, consult with your physician about the necessary shots. To stay in the Lima area, you should ask about a hepatitis vaccine, as in going to any country or area less developed. The yellow fever vaccine will be needed if traveling to the Amazon jungle regions, and it is available in Lima. Such medical practices as JockeySalud, at the Jockey Plaza shopping mall, offer medicines for the traveller.

About Malaria- you can check with the CDC website or the US State Department's country travel website. There is not a Malaria problem in Lima, as we have found. In our experiences, we had a malaria tablet to take before, during and after the stay in Lima. There were no mosquito problems in Lima, and the side effects of the drug were teeth discoloration and hair loss. That was the last time in taking a drug just as a "precaution," after learning it really is not necessary, unless going into a jungle region. And, there are cures for malaria if in the Iquitos area of Peru, as known by doctors there, where they say that Malaria is a problem that is further north towards the equator, more in the jungles of Ecuador than in Peru.

Stomach- Despite precautions, many visitors are affected by an upset stomach. If you are affected drink lots of liquids, especially water to rehydrate and remove the toxins from your system. If you are affected for more than three days and/or you have a fever, you should visit a doctor (see clinic info below).


- Wash hands frequently.
- Carry a small bottle of the hand sanitizer, that does not require water.
- Wash fresh foods with bottled water or boiled water "agua hervido." (Most all restaurants know to do this. Smaller eateries may not adhere to this practice. Ask, if not sure)
- Do NOT swallow water when brushing teeth, or use bottled water.
- Drink sufficient water. Ask for bottled water "agua botella" at any of the thousands of small stores "bodega" across the city. Make sure that you open the sealed bottle yourself.

- Vita Logic - "Parasite Formula" - a good item to take as the product works to eliminate parasites in your colon and intestines, possibly ingested through food, water, etc. Good for any trip away from home.
- Natren - "Healthy Trinity" - a quality probiotic to maintain good bacteria in the intestinal tract, while traveling or at home.


(Centro de Medicina del Viajero & Vacunacion Internacional)

This Center is operated by "GIPEIT" the Group of Peruvian Investigation of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Grupo de Investigacion Peruano de Enfermedades Infecciosas y Tropicales).

For tourist information and assistance of Infectious & Tropical Diseases, check their website. Beyond their homepage, use a web translator.

A yellow fever vaccine would need ten days to become effective. This Center's office in Lima has a fee of about US$25 for this vaccine.

The Center has a few locations in Peru.

1. Lima:

Av. Alfonso Ugarte 1002, Of. 205, Breña (a block from the Hospital Loayza) Hours- 3pm. a 7pm. with an appointment: Telephone (51-1)-996-470205 .

2. Iquitos locations:

- Clinica Ana Stahl - Av. La Marina 285, Telf. (51-65) 252535 - 252549

- Centro Medico Especializado San Marcos:
Calle Bolivar 222 (at corner with Av. Pevas) Tef: (51-65)-234042. Appointments with Dr. Juan Carlos Celis who works with the Center "Enfermedades Tropicales/Medicina del Viajero" telf: (51-65)-965-650023. For urgent care- telf: 965-650023

3. Cusco:
Consultorio SAMARITAN SAC - Calle Ayacucho 230,
Building- Edificio Fatima 2° Flr., # 202A. Dr. Eduardo Luna. Telf: (51-84) 984- 761-277


General Medical Services

There are several very good clinics in Lima with trained doctors and equipment that rivals that of North America. Doctors do train in the U.S. and other reputable institutions. English may be spoken, but not widely.

Understand that in Peru, "hospital" refers to a state-run hospital, primarily used by the local population. The best choice would be one of the privately operated clinics which offer the best service. These clinics can be very large and well equipped just as any hospital in North America. The U.S. Embassy website offers medical resource alternatives in Lima at-

Here are a few of the better clinics in Lima:

La Molina- Clinica Anglo Americana's Urgent Care Center, Av. La Fontana 362. Telf. 436-9933, 437-7782. ENGLISH SPOKEN.

San Borja- Clinica San Borja, Av. Guardia Civil 333. Telf. 475-3141 (English speaker may be on-staff. A very large facility, 33 years in operation)

San Isidro-

- Clinica Anglo Americana, Alfredo Salazar 350. Telf. 221-3656, 616-8900. (ENGLISH SPOKEN. In operation for over 86 years.)

- Clinica Ricardo Palma, Av. Javier Prado 1066. Telf. 224-2224 (May have an English speaker on-staff. 130 bed, established institution, newly expanded. Located to the west of Miraflores along the busy Av. Javier Prado, to the east of the Museo de la Nacion).

- Clinica El Golf, Av. Aurelio Miro Quesada. Telf. 264-3300 (May have an English speaker on-staff. Near the center of the district, not far from Miraflores)

San Miguel / Airport area-

If in the San Miguel or airport area, there is the Clinica San Jose, a block south of Av. Faucett in the nearby Bellavista district of Callao. Clinica San Jose,
Av. Las Gaviotas 207, Urb. San José. Telf. 451-1813.
(Newer facility. May not have English speaker on-staff)


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