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Volunteer Option in Lima, Peru


Available- a "volunteering guide" who can work with visitors to Peru
that would like to volunteer in some way, in Lima. We can always try to assist
you with your schedule to volunteer throughout the year.

info (at) LastMinuteLima (dot) com

Put Unwanted Garments to Good Use


If you have unwanted clothing or shoes, these items can be put to good use as donations.

When traveling to Lima, these items can be donated by leaving at your hotel for our team to pick up and deliver to an orphanage or a Pastor whose church team works with children and families living in a poor area of Lima. We have been assisting both, as they serve the less fortunate.

Our goal is that this will help people living in poverty, giving them a "boost" to their health and quality of life, and hopefully a step towards a better tomorrow.

Items should be in good to excellent condition. The items most appreciated are:

-For men, women and children-
Cold weather coats, blazers, dress shoes, casual shoes, hiking shoes, boots, sandals, dock shoes. Jeans, cotton twill pants.
-Sneakers, especially for children and teens.
-Womens closed-toe, light weight shoes, like EZ Spirit.
-Mens dress shirts, shoes and suit jackets.

If you can have the items in a bag, and leave with a clerk at your hotel office or front desk counter (in Lima only), we will conveniently arrange to pick up from there. Please email with the hotel name and address, as well as the date when the items will be available.

info@ LastMinuteLima com


When you are able to visit Peru, consider sharing some time at an orphanage where the children could really benefit from your knowledge. Churches work with the children and families living in poor areas, while a "Casa Hogar" is a licensed orphanage, started by people or agencies who wanted to help at-risk children and teens that would otherwise be abused or have no
where else to turn.
Many orphanages only receive assistance from the government in the form of two
sacks of rice per month.

See the Testimonials, below


The church Pastor or directors and other staff work hard every day in the community or by creating a homestyle environment, and offering activities that might include sports, crafts, music, baking or food gardening.

Mostly, these people are kept busy with daily obligations and tasks. Their budget relys on donations, and most all do not receive help from the government. As such, giving more attention to the kids, or doing repairs or completing new projects, go by the wayside, just waiting for a helping hand.

They would greatly appreciate your time lending a hand, teach a skill, play a game, show how to play baseball, teach english or computer usage, make repairs, etc. Doctors to do health checks are of great need.

An excellent way to help might be interior or exterior painting, to brighten the lives of the children as well as the neighborhood. There are paint stores around the city, and hardware superstores are Ace Home Centers, and Sodimac.


The most needing assistance can be found in the neighborhoods around the outskirts of the city, or rural areas, that are not as developed. Foreign volunteers and church missions can be found in these areas year-round. It would be best to pre-arrange your date and time to volunteer, so they can meet you and/or help you to get to the volunteer location.


Recommended to wear clothes that fit the project or task you would be doing. Wear a baseball type hat, due to sun or in case of painting or doing repairs, especially if you have light colored hair. Older clothes and a hat also give more of a "local" appearance, not so touristy.

Do NOT wear jewelry, and watches openly.


Bring water and a sandwich or lunch (empanadas carry well). Bring any items needed to teach your craft. Best to bring a spanish dictionary if you have one, and in case of teaching something. Bring the address or directions of your hotel.

In regards to repairs, the tools and materials may be available there or nearby. It's best to bring these items, if possible.

Also, take any unwanted clothing, shoes, toys, electronics, tools or housewares, to donate. They should be good condition.


An Example of a Community Needing Assistance-

Pastor Juvenal of the church Oraciones para las Naciones (Prayers for the Nations), which is registered with the government. The Pastor is located in Huaycan (why-con), a community in eastern Lima, in the city's ATE Vitarte district. It is about an hour drive from Miraflores, depending on traffic.
His staff works with children and families needing assistance, meeting in a couple locations here. Practicing or teaching English is welcomed.


We Get Letters From Volunteers


Nov. 2, 2010.

Hi Mike,
Good news. There's been an outpouring of interest in your group [in Peru]... This could take off and I can't think of a better place to send help. Thanks for doing what you do, Ray (USA)

Oct.. 16, 2010

Hi Mike,

Back in Canada now...back at work and trying to get acquainted with our daily routines once again... I would like to thank you for meeting with us and spending the day with us at the orphanage and helping us out with the translation at the store. I hope those computers [we donated] are serving the kids well.

Thanks again and keep in touch! julie (Canada)

Jan. 2, 2010

To blessed protectors of the children, I will be in Lima in January and was thinking that I would like to volunteer for a day or two to help out. Maybe I could bring any supplies that you might need, or donations of clothing or something. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. sincerely Rudy (USA)

Oct 12, 2009

Thanks for your reply! There were more emails on the way, with more photos…Please- if you can somehow, transfer these photos to the school- for the kids to see- I would appreciate it…. And I’m sure they will too…Thanks
If I had good Spanish, I would write them …: if you can send then my regards as well, together with the photos- I would appreciate it! Thanks for everything! Best regards!!! YAEL (Israel)

Aug 25, 2009-

Michael, I went to Casa Hogar San Miguel on Monday and enjoyed my visit very much. I wish I could have volunteered longer but I only had two hours that day. I will send pictures within a week. I also brought jeans, jackets, and basic children's books in English. I hope they can make great use of everything. Also, please send my regards to Ana for talking with me last weekend. Please also thank the coordinator at the home who allowed me to come and las mamas de casitas for letting me see their casitas. I let the coordinator know that I hope to come back in November. At the very latest, I will come back in late December. If I do, I would love to teach English to the children, who seemed very interested in learning...
Sincerely, Aleli (USA)

Sent: Tue, 16 Dec 2008
Subject: Re: Peru- Volunteering at your Orphanage

Mike, these folks here talk of you with so much pride, loving memories and amazement. You obviously really touched their hearts, and through what I hear, you're a really amazing person. Cheers for putting me in touch with these folks. Spent almost 8 hours today at the orphanage painting, and playing sports with the kids. Amazing fun!!!! Will be there tomorrow morning again. Cheers for the tips.... Ari (Canada)


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